what a crazy year it has been... already?! O.o

So 2011 has proved to be quite an interesting one

Firstly,on a personal note, I have fully recovered from my operation post-MiDFur
For those who didn't know, I went in for quite a large and debilitating operation 2 days after MiDFur... something that I don't want to relive again
Im all better thanks to some love and care from my dear friend, physician, and fellow Furry, Dr Craig (Jenner, Creator of Doc Rat http://www.docrat.com.au/)

I spent the best part of my recovery, up until mid March in Country NSW... and when I say country... I mean the middle of NO WHERE Nsw
Spending time with my new partner, doing, i guess, a trial live-in, to see how things went... things went well, and he now lives with me, down in Melbourne.
Couldn't be happier about that right now!
He even sent me a random message while he was at work today saying he loves me!! so cute right?

WE ARE GOING TO ANTHROCON!!! Yep, my man and I are all booked to go to AC. Uncle Kage has graciously looked after our accom and rego, so we are all booked!!
I can not wait! Missing a few poeple over there right now, and looking forward to meeting a few more!
2 Gryphon, Jibba, BBF, ... cant wait!!

While we are over there, we are visiting VEGAS baby!! No, I won't be spending big ;)

My business is going well! I have one band on tour around Australia and NZ at the moment, as well as 2 clubs, (one in Sydney and One in Melbourne) that I now exclusively book!! Who would have thought I would ever get that full time wage in the music business... not many people do!

MiDFur... Oh MiDFur, what a ride this year has been already

We have had to make some hard decisions this year... decisions that will, for this year only, change the face of MiDFur.
Venue availabilities, cost and growth have all been a factor, but I think we can make this work!
I mean, after all, MiDFur the 13th, Tails from the Crypt... A halloween extravaganza awaits me thinks

Next year is already on my mind
We have placed our booking for next years venue, and have some very rad ideas as to what to do for the 5th year anniversary of MiDFur the Convention.

I can tell this year is just going to be bigger, better, and more scarier than ever before...

Not much more to say here...

Until next time...


MiDFur 2010- News, Announcements and More!

Ladies and gentlemen, in the month of December 2009, two hundred and forty-seven furries gathered to celebrate anthropomorphism, community and awesome fun times. We partied for four days, we made the fourth page of Australia’s most revered newspaper, we raised over $5000 for charity and, most importantly, we drank, we danced, we met new friends, saw old ones and remembered just why we’re a part of this fandom called furry in the first place.

So, let’s do it all again this year. I’m proud to announce, on behalf of the MiDFur Board of Directors, MiDFur 12: Heroes And Villains.

MiDFur is Australia’s premiere furry convention held every year in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2010, MiDFur will run all day for four days, with the convention space taking up two whole levels. Each night ends with massive party events, special surprises, and a few old favourites from MiDFurs of past. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to meet over 250 furries from all around Australia and overseas.

WHAT: MiDFur 12: Heroes And Villains (A furry convention!)
WHEN: December 2nd to 5th, 2010
WHERE: Rydges On Swanston (701 Swanston Street, Carlton)
WEBSITE: http://www.midfur.com.au (going LIVE, Monday March15, at 9pm)

MiDFur is on the verge of opening up registrations, complete with a new website and trailer. But rather than make you wait, we want to release the details of this year’s convention right now.

MiDFur 2010 is proud to announce the following Guests of Honour.

Stan Sakai is the artist and writer of Usagi Yojimbo, an anthromorphic comic series that has been running for over two decades and won three Eisner awards and six Ursa Major awards. The lead character, a wandering rabbit ronin called Miyamoto Usagi has also made several appearances with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in both the comics and animated TV series.

Website: http://www.usagiyojimbo.com/

Big Blue Fox is a German furry who has been in charge of video productions at Eurofurence since 2004 and has also produced short videos with the Funday Pawpet Show. He’s an artist, fursuiter and talented DJ who has played at Anthrocon, Further Confusion and Confuzzled.

Website: http://www.bigbluefox.de/

As mentioned registration is won't open until next Monday (March 15th), but here are the full details of each level of registration.

$145 – EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is just like Standard Registration. You get access to the convention for all four days and gives access to almost all of the events, panels and parties. But because you’ve been awesome and registered early – you get a discount. This offer closes on the 1st of July, 2010

$160 - STANDARD REGISTRATION gives you access to the convention for all four days and gives access to almost all of the events, panels and parties.

$200 – HERO REGISTRATION gives you access to everything standard registration gives you, plus a little more:
- Limited edition t-shirt
- Priority seating at the front rows for events
- Private meet and greet with the guests of honour

$275- SUPER HERO REGISTRATION also gives you access to all of the above, plus even more:
- Limited edition t-shirt
- Your choice of a Hero shield dog tag or Villain shield dog tag.
- Priority seating at the front rows for events
- Private meet and greet with the guests of honour
- Gourmet BBQ dinner on Saturday night

It goes without saying that MiDFur relies on the support of the furry community to run. We have to admit finances got awfully tight with a large number payments not coming in until the last few weeks before the event. In order to have things run smoother this year we’re putting in place the following guidelines:

- A $50 deposit is required within 24 hours of registering
- Full payment must be made within 60 days of registering. If after 60 days you have not paid, the deposit is forfeited.
- You’ll be given a payment number for use as a reference when paying. After you’ve paid for your registration then you’ll receive your MiDFur registration number.

This year’s MiDFur is being held at Rydges On Swanston (701 Swanston Street, Carlton), which is a short walk or an even shorter tram ride from Melbourne Central Station.

The massive convention area spans two levels with a nine conference rooms which means a bigger dealers den, bigger panel rooms and a massive lounge area. Not to mention the pool and deck area on the roof. It’s four and a half star accommodation and it looks amazing.

Our relationship with the hotel has gotten off to a great start with the hotel General Manager indicating a desire to try on a fursuit and attend MiDFur. Also, there are no restrictions on wearing collars, fursuits and tails pretty much anywhere around the venue. (Other than common sense restrictions such as making sure you’re wearing pants.)

As always we’ve arranged a special rate for MiDFur attendees which, depending on the room you get and with how many people, you can be paying as little as $40 per person per night. (That’s for four people in a Twin Share room or five people in a Triple Share room.)

* Single | 1 person | 1x Queen OR 1x King |$160 (MiDFur attendee rate)
* Twin Share | 2 - 4 people | 2x Queen bed | $160 (MiDFur attendee rate)
* Triple Share | 3 - 5 people | 2x Queen and Single size Roll-away | $200 (MiDFur attendee rate)

We have a dedicated Rydges website where you can make your hotel booking here:

PLEASE NOTE that if you do intend to stay at Rydges On Swanston that the hotel can only hold rooms for us for a limited time due to high demand, so book sooner rather than later. If we get onto this now we can book out the hotel! With 110 rooms in the hotel, the possibility of booking out an entire hotel in only our 3rd year is in your hands!

As a four day convention held from Thursday to Sunday that runs until midnight each day, MiDFur is set to be packed full of things to do. In addition to the dealers den, panel rooms and opportunities for mingling and meeting hundreds of fellow furries, MiDFur finishes each night with a huge party event complete with a bar and DJs. Let’s not forget the special events such as FRIDAY NIGHT WILD!, hosted by Australia’s own internet personalities, ACTFur On Air and the madness of the charity auction, which last year raised $5705 for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Today (Monday, March 8th, 2010) from 9pm to 12am (EST) a number of board members will be available online to answer any further questions people have.

You can reach the following people via email and expect:
Cyn Wolfe (chairman) – chairman[at]midfur.com.au
Starshadow (secretary) – secretary[at]midfur.com.au
Kyle (public relations & multimedia) – pr[at]midfur.com.au
We will also have board members live on Skype, IRC and MSN tonight, so feel free to ask any questions you may have tonight.
You can add Kyle on Skype by adding username “cannedgeek” and requesting to be added to the live chat.
Alternatively, you can join #midfur on furnet.

The entire MiDFur board are always easy to contact (and all their contact emails will be up on the website once it goes live), but we’re setting aside tonight for any immediate questions people may have.

We’re working hard to bring you the MiDFur website, open up registration as well a new trailer and a video tour of the venue. Stayed tuned, because on Monday, March 15th at 9pm registrations, the website and everything we be online and ready.

MiDFur Public Relations and Multimedia

MiDFur: The Melbourne furry convention
December 2nd - 5th, 2010 | http://www.midfur.com.au
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Australian Meets and Fur Cons- My honest and humble opinion

So, over the last couple of weeks, there have been some huge announcements which have changed the landscape of the Australian Furry Fandom.

2 brand new events have been announced, and a structure change for another event has also been made public.

So now Australia has 2 furry conventions, and by 2011, we will have 3!

Over the last few days, I have has LOTS of emails, and even more questions posted to me over msn etc about my reaction to this news.

So... here it is... clear as day... for all to see!

This news is ... Fantastic!!!

So, here are my answers to the Four questions that I am being asked:
1: What do you think about all of the new conventions and meets?

I think the creation and restructuring of events to cater for larger groups, with convention style formats, and pricing structures that are all inclusive is a fantastic idea! I think that it is a positive sign of the continual growth of the fandom, and I'm excited, and watching with interest as the hype around these events begin to swirl! It's an exciting time to be an Australian furry, as more and more people are stepping forward, putting their hand up and providing amazing opportunities for us as a fandom to continue to network, and get to know each other.

I said, in a very public manner, that I will fully back the creation of a new annual fur meet in Melbourne. It's exciting to see Saba come back into the fold, and pull some strings to make MARF (http://marf.thelair.org/) happen!

The year before, I also stood up and stated that I am fully behind Oz and his creation of FurDU (http://www.furrydownunder.com/). I am even more stoked that the proposed location has changed from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, and I think this works perfectly for a second con, as its another one of those MUST-SEE tourist destinations.

Camp Wildpaw is such a fantastic way for ppl to hang out in an otherwise unusual way. TreeMeadow and RobWolven have done a brilliant job in the past and from what I hear, the event itself was amazing. I look forward to seeing how the next 2 years pans out. (No website address as yet)

I take my hat off to Saba, FlameDrake, Oz and TreeMeadow, as they have stepped up to make this possible. I take my hat off to them because I know they are in for some hard work, but rest assured, it will all pay off! It always does!

Now, how does this effect MiDFur?

I honestly don't think it does! No, these events are NOT competition for MiDFur... because we are not -in- a competition. We are a community, and as such, these events can only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who attend, and those who are apart of these types of events. I think this will be great for MiDFur... Great because people who perhaps have not gone to MiDFur in the past will visit these events, will enjoy themselves so much, that by time MiDFur rolls around, they will want more!

Will I be attending any of these events?:

I would honestly say that the only down side of these 3 events, is the fact that they all happen within the first 3 weeks of April.
As I am about to venture to Sydney to sign some paperwork for my other business, it will see me on the road a lot more. Great for me... not so good for me attending events like these.
With 2 trips to the US this year (One for AC, the other for my business), MiDFur planning taking up a huge chunk of my time, Uni kicking back into gear, and my other job (Can you believe I still have time for a 40hr per week job).. I won't be able to attend FurDU or Wildpaw this year.
However, I am already mapping out my schedule for 2011 and would love to make a trip up to FurDU, should time permit. I think it is only fair that Oz supported MiDFur in its first year by coming down and kindly donating a custom made fur suit to the MiDFur Charity Auction, that I head up to FurDU at some point to show my support.

I do however plan to show up on the Sunday of MARF. Simply because I will be arriving back in Melbourne from a business trip the day before, and would love to get back into it with a fur meet.

So, What is happening at MiDFur this year?

Well... I'm not supposed to say anything yet... so don't tell Kyle..

I am extremely honoured to inform you that ONE of our guests of honour this year is a guy who I have had the pleasure of meeting, a guy who has given so much to the fandom... a guy who pretty much does... EVERYTHING.. He makes awesome furry vids at conventions.. He DJs wicked sets at AC and EF, he is a famed fur suiter, an artist.. AND is on the Board for EuroFurence...

The first of our Guests of Honour for 2010 is Big Blue Fox!!

Keep your ears and eyes peeled, because we are poised to make some big announcements about this year. Hotel info, pricing, scheduling, and the other 2 Guests of Honour will all be announced very shortly.

Until then... Rock on!!

When a community bands together...

I have some figures for you all...

Im sure this will make you proud, as it does me.

Since Dec 15th 2008, MiDFur and AUSFA together have raised the following amount for charity.

MiDFur X Charity Auction- $3840
MiDFur/ AUSFA Bushfire Relief- $3987.50
MiDFur Donation to the only fur to loose their home in the vicious Victorian Bushfires of 2008- $500
MiDFur 11 Charity Auction/ Performance- $5707

Grand total of donations made in the last 12 months by the Australian Furry Community...

$14 032.50!

THIS... is what community is all about!

Congratulations Aussie Furs! I love you all!

BY: Fursociation Design Merch First Release

By: Fursociation was created in 2007 as a furry owned and opperated clothing label.
Its primary function is to provide the world wide furry fandom with top quality clothing and merchandise for a reasonable price, With art work designed by some of the biggest and best Furry artists in the world.

It is with great pleasure that BY: Fursociation Design releases the First of 8 designs in a line entitled "BY: Villainous". The design, titled "I can make you laugh...", will officially go on sale on July 1st, at MIDNIGHT EST, and draws influence from perhaps one of the most famous, and popular villains of all time.


With a new shirt to be released every 3 weeks, we are extremely excited about this line of shirts.

Based in South America, JAEH is an exceptionally talented artist, with a keen eye for the Anthro style.

JAEH is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Comic Book artist, and has found himself overwhelmed by the support of his fellow Anthro Artists and Fans on Furaffinity, one of the top 5000 websites on the internet (as of November 2007)

Known for his busty designs, JAEH came to the attention of B:FD 6 months ago, during a release JAEH refered to as "Badder". Popular villains from the comic world, with an edgy furry twist.

While you are on the site, be sure to check out all of the other designs available from some of the great Anthro Artists today, including Firey, KaelidescopeKat, Kraden, and of course Blotch.

BY: Fursociation
Get Fursociated... Visit http://www.byfursociation.com

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Would you like to know how I got these scars? (and other news)

Well, It has been a very long time coming, but im finally back at it, and here to update everyone (anyone?) that cares.

So, the last few months have been quite the experience.

Ben Raven and I had the amazing opportunity to visit some of the beautiful furs in Perth about 6 weeks ago!

We had the most amazing time. Arriving late thursday night, we went for a nice trip into the heart of Perth city. Such an awesome city. Small but packed with so much to do.

After purchasing some new clothes... (yea, I forgot to pack clothes AGAIN! (ala MiDFur X)) we went to some nice cafes, had an awesome lunch, and enjoyed the golden warmth of a beautiful Perth day.

Friday night we ventured to the Perth Furs favourite watering hole, where we got to meet even more furs. Furs everywhere I say!
Only half way through the night did my raven turn to me and ask if the bar we were at was, in fact, a gay bar. (For those who dont know, my new partner Ben Raven is not only new to the furry scene, but to the gay scene as well. Having never been to a gay bar, it came as some what of a shock seeing 2 dudes making out in the middle of the dance floor...

So, much alcohol was consumed, and then a walk into the city for post-drinks kebabs. From the city, we walked home. Now, to me, this walk seemed like it went for over an hour! Slightly (yea right) drunk, and happily enjoying playing catch up to the sober people, and every five minutes, asking my raven where my phone and sunnies were (he had told me a number of times that he had them and was holding them so i dont loose them).
Finally home... crash time.

Day 2 was fun! We went to the first ever Perth Fur gathering.

It was great seeing so many furs in attendance. Catching up with old friends... making some new ones. In particular, it was awesome to catch up with Paul Kidd, and Brainsister, and PharWarner!

Brain, Phar, Ben and I all went out to dinner that night. Sitting at the chinese restaurant, a small chinese girl came out to take our order. After commenting on Phars tail (he was wearing a horse tail), she asked where he got it from.

In the heat of the moment, i quipped "Well, the last place we went, the waitress didnt take our order in time, so we cut her hair off and turned it into a tail."

the morbidly curious, yet horrified look on her face as she darted to get away from us was priceless! At least I thought so. (evil stares from the rest of the group indicated that perhaps I was a little too harsh... )

So, Sunday had come around. Ben and I went into the city again this time for an early morning Iced Mocha and Croissant from breaky.

We went and saw Watchmen with Brain, Phar and Sexy Mel. Then went to dinner at an awesome bbq Korean Restaurant. (The waiter there -did- in fact serve us hastily.)

Back to Bastetts house, a few drinks, and a couple of hours of talking, and we were ready to jump the plane and head back to Melbourne.

Thanks so much guys, for what was an awesome weekend. Kudos to JM, Jack and Ronyo for an amazing Perth FurGathering. If you get the chance to go to one of these awesome gatherings, please do! They are just an awesome opportunity to get to meet people who you otherwise never would have known about, hang out with like minded people, and enjoy a great weekend in some awesome company.

Again, to JM, and Bastett, thanks for putting us up for the weekend! Love the attic! Nearly broke my ankle going into that bathroom in the middle of the night tho. LOL.

Brain, Phar, and Paul... fantastic to catch up with you guys again. I love you all so very much.

Vulpy, Ronyo, Kyras, Sirukie, and everyone else I caught up with again this weekend, you are the best!

So, back in Melbourne, we went and saw NINE INCH NAILS!
Yep! Jealous? Dont be. They were shite! THEY DIDNT EVEN PLAY "CLOSER!"

Last week, we went and saw Mindless Self Indulgence! I love MSI! They put on the best show, and the venue was just perfect for the show.

Last night we went and saw Tim Minchin! This dude is the funniest guy evar! You gotta check it out!

click here to see a youtube vid of Tim Minchin in Anger Management therapy! ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lktd1OBHVI )

So, things with the Raven are going really well. In fact, so well that he asked me to move in with him and his mum! So, last thursday, I moved in with mah Benny Raven! Southern Melbourne is great. Close to everything. It takes a little less time to get to work now too. So instead of waking up at 5:30am, i can wake up at 5:40am!! How wicked!

So, this week, we are going to see Dylan Moran! He had better be drunk. Cos put simply, sober Dylan Moran is just NOT FUNNY! (Oh, and I hear some of his new material involves Furries...

We are planning for our trip to the US in a couple of months time, and im also planning a big surprise for Ben for his birthday!

As for MiDFur... well... I have a special sneak peek for you.

As you may or may not know, we are releasing special limited edition MiDFur Movie Posters in the lead up to this years "MiDFur at the Movies"

Be sure to check the new movie poster out below.

MiDFur regos are going exceptionally well. For this time of year, Im overwhelmed by the ammount of people already registered to attend our little convention.

We have announced both 2 Gryphon's return to Oz, and Timothy Albee's attendance as guests of honour, but there is still more! We have another 2 guests of honour from the US to be announced shortly! Im stoked to have these guests attending!

Anyway, Thats all from me. The raven has just arrived back home, and i think its time to play Resident Evil 5!

Til next time,


I has...

... a raven

So, my raven and I will be donning the wings, and flying out to visit all those lovely awesome furs in Perth in 7 weeks!

I cant wait to see some of my old friends from MiDFur, plus meet some of the furs I have known for a while but have never had the honour of meeting.

In particular, Bast, JM, Vulpy, Kyras, Jack, Phar and Brainsister!

Daaawww!!! I miss you all so much!

Anthrocon... Its only 4 months away. Jesus I cant wait. Looks like my raven might be attending with me as well.
Lookin forward to kickin back and havin some drinks with a certain Gryphon who made quite the impression on me at MiDFur last year. I miss hangin with those 2 sooo much!

MiDFur planning is coming along nicely.
We have the first of our Official MiDFur Movie Posters up on the midfur website now...

Thanks soooo much to Hallward for putting this "Repo!: The Genetic Opera" MiDFur Poster together!

These posters, 6 limited edition releases, will be auctioned off at MiDFur. Full sized movie poster, digitally printed, signed by the artists. The next one, due for release in April, will be a MiDFur themed "Watchmen" Poster, designed by Kyle. So keep your eyes peeled.

Aside from that, and the hugely sucessful AUSFA Bushfire Appeal Auction (final figures to be released in a few days), things have been going really well...

Much love

A HUUUUGE thank you!!

Hey again all!

I just wanted to put out there, that Firey has done such an awesome job, spending hours and hours putting the Bushfire Appeal Auction Forum together.

Please, if you have a chance, and wish to express your gratitude, send him an email and tell him how great he has done.

I know he could use the kudos at the moment
His email is webmaster@midfur.com.au

Thanks again Firey!